Community Bulletin Board Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below before you create your post. All content will be reviewed by the Wisconsin Registry before posted on the Registry Community Bulletin Board.

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    The Wisconsin Registry Community Bulletin Board is a way for agencies and organizations to share information, updates, news,  professional opportunities, and resources with Wisconsin’s Early Childhood Care and After-School Education workforce.

    We envision this Community Bulletin Board to serve as a hub of information and welcome you to share your information here freely!

    How can I share information on the Community Bulletin Board?
    1. Complete the form below.
    2. Submissions must relate to Wisconsin’s Early Childhood Care and After-School Education workforce. Submissions relating to sales or paid employment opportunities will not be posted. 
    3. Submitted content may take up to three (3) business days to be reviewed and posted on our Community Bulletin Board.

    Please Note: The Wisconsin Registry reserves the right to deny posting any submitted content if content is deemed inappropriate for the Wisconsin Registry Community Bulletin Board. If submitted graphics are low resolution, they may be omitted from the post. 

    Community Bulletin Board Form

    Community Bulletin Board Form