Training Sponsor Organization (TSO) Online Registration

See all of the ways your organization can benefit by using the Wisconsin Registry’s Online Registration for your training events.

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    How Online Registration Can Benefit Your Training Sponsor Organization

    Online Registration is a difference-maker!  With Online Registration, your organization has exclusive access to the following features:

    • One-stop-shop use of the Statewide Training Calendar as both a marketing and registration tool.  
    • Pre-generated Rosters with built in messaging features for communicating to attendees prior to training events.  
    • Streamline registration and event entry process.
    • Save staff time in entering attendance records into the Registry system post training event. 
    • Advanced integration with the Registry App for on-site immediate attendance record collection.  
    • Attendees benefit from faster turnaround for getting training hours verified on their Registry Profiles.

    How can my organization get started with Online Registration?

    Wisconsin Registry Support

    The Wisconsin Registry Team is ready to help you get started on the right foot. We highly recommend following the steps below:

    Registry Liaison

    Pick one person within your organization to be a liaison, working with the Registry Team for online registration set up and technical assistance. This individual must have administrative access to the organization’s Program Profile and can consult on fiscal matters related to the collection of online registration fees.

    Mapping a Strategy

    Set time aside to strategize with your team. Think through business rules and internal procedures as it relates to Online Registration. Setting up Online Registration is not something that can be done in a matter of minutes. Transitioning from current practices to using Online Registration will take thought and preparation.

    Review the Online Registration Toolkit / Submit Request Form

    Download the Online Registration Toolkit, a must-have resource to share with your team. Embedded in this toolkit is the Online Registration Form. Submit this form to the Wisconsin Registry when you are ready to start using Online Registration. Online Registration requests are processed within 2-4 weeks.

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    Learning More About Online Registration

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes! You are welcome to create a Program Profile and request to be a Training Sponsor Organization. As a Registry approved TSO, you can choose to active online registration. A TSO that does not provide direct care is charged the annual fee of $250, averaging a little over $20 per month, to use online registration. Here is a guide on Creating a Program Profile.  

    Attendees must have a Registry account but do not need a Registry membership. Creating a Registry account is free. Here is a guide to share with participants Creating a Registry Account. Please note that the Wisconsin Registry system requires a unique email to create an account. To complete the registration process, individuals will need to log in to their email account.  

    No. The TSO is responsible for their own accounting and financial record keeping.

    Yes! When scheduling an event, you can choose the option to make the event free in event settings.

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