Registry Credential Commissions

Each Registry Credential includes a Commission to give students a chance to highlight and share their knowledge in a professional setting. We are here to help you get ready and successfully complete your Commission!

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    Student Registration

    To register for one of the scheduled Credential Commissions listed below, students must complete the following steps:

    1. Complete and submit to the Wisconsin Registry a  Registration for Commission form, (Formulario de registro para comisión), including the $300 commission fee, before the registration deadline. Late registrations will not be accepted.
    2. Instructions for completing the form are included on the form. Mail, fax, or scan and email your form to the Wisconsin Registry, Attn: Credentials.
    3. Review the Commission Registration Toolkit for more important information about student registration.

    Find a commission that best meets your needs.

    Scheduled Commissions

    Credential Commissions are convened throughout the state a variety of times each year. Review the table below carefully to find a commission that best meets your needs. The table includes important commission details such as:

    • If the commission is in-person or virtual
    • If the commission is open or closed to guest students
    • If the commission has a Spanish-speaking commissioner assigned

    If you do not see a commission date or location that works for you, check back in another month or two. New commission dates are added regularly.

    Date Host College & Commission Location Time Registration Deadline Portfolio Deadline
    May 30, 2023 Northeast Wisconsin Technical College - Virtual 6:00 PM CLOSED to Guest Students
    Registration Closed Deadline Passed
    June 03, 2023 Milwaukee Area Technical College - Virtual 9:00 AM CLOSED to Guest Students
    Spanish Speaking
    Registration Closed Deadline Passed
    June 03, 2023 University of Wisconsin Platteville - Virtual 9:00 AM CLOSED to Guest Students Registration Closed Deadline Passed
    June 10, 2023 University of Wisconsin Platteville - Virtual 11:00 AM CLOSED to Guest Students Registration Closed Submit by
    May 31, 2023
    June 17, 2023 University of Wisconsin Platteville - Virtual 9:00 AM OPEN to Guest Students
    Spanish Speaking
    Registration Closed Submit by
    June 07, 2023
    July 15, 2023 Moraine Park Technical College - Virtual 9:00 AM CLOSED to Guest Students Register by
    June 15, 2023
    Submit by
    July 05, 2023
    How do I create a portfolio?

    Commission Preparation - Creating a Portfolio

    During your Credential Capstone course, you will create a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection of work to reflect your learning experiences and display your application of knowledge through completing the course work for a Registry Credential. A portfolio is typically packaged in an e-Portfolio program to complete the requirements for commission. 

    Part of the commission process is to present your portfolio to a Registry Commissioner who will determine if you have met all requirements for the credential. Your portfolio must be delivered to your assigned Registry Commission at least 10 days prior to commission day. You will receive an email confirmation from the Wisconsin Registry once you are registered for a commission date with portfolio delivery information. 

    It is highly recommended that your portfolio be completed electronically. Effective January 2022, an e-Portfolio is the only format acceptable at both virtual and in-person commissions. When creating an electronic portfolio, check with your Capstone instructor for the e-Portfolio program used by the college. Please note, your Capstone instructor may not give you an option of portfolio format and solely require an e-Portfolio for your course. Physical portfolios are only accepted at in-person commissions. A physical portfolio is a collection of typed documents presented in a three-ring binder format. 

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    How do I get ready for my commission?

    Commission Day

    At a Credential Commission, students demonstrate how the knowledge they have learned through completing the credential coursework applies to their current work in the early care and education field. In addition to creating a portfolio, students must give a brief presentation and meet one-on-one with their assigned Registry Commissioner on commission day.

    The Presentation
    • Classmates and other credential students are present during the student’s presentation of their learning story.
    • Students should reference the Portfolio/Project Guide specific to their credential type for presentation guidelines.
    • Each student has approximately 5-10 minutes to share their learning story.
    • Students address the following questions within their presentation:
      • How has this credential changed you as a provider?
      • What does completing this credential mean to you?
      • What are you passionate about as it relates to this credential?
      • How will you contribute to quality care in the future?
    The Individual Meeting
    • Each student meets with the Registry Commissioner for 5-10 minutes to discuss their individual portfolio or project.
    • The Registry Commissioner will ask the student any questions s/he may have about the portfolio or project. 
    • The Registry Commissioner will give the student feedback and comments. 
    • The student will be informed if s/he has successfully completed the Credential Commission at this time. 
    • If the Registry Commissioner has determined the student’s portfolio is incomplete, the Registry Commissioner will give a timeline for the student to get the missing materials to the Commissioner. 
    What happens after my commission?

    Post Commission

    A student will be awarded their Credential Certificate if the student has done the following: 

    • Successfully completed the Commission process.
    • Submitted official transcripts for all credential courses with a passing grade of C- or higher to the Wisconsin Registry. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the Wisconsin Registry in an unopened, originally sealed envelope or by secure email from the institution of higher education.
    • Paid the Commission fee in full.
    • Submitted to the Wisconsin Registry a copy of the Video/Photo Deletion Form if video and/or photos were used in a portfolio.
    • Received a Registry Career Level Certificate or submitted a complete application for membership. If the student’s first-time application is on “Incomplete” status, the student will not receive a Credential Certificate until the necessary fee or information is received and the “Incomplete” status is removed. If the student’s Registry membership is current, students will also receive an updated Registry Certificate reflecting any increases to their career level. Students whose Registry membership is expired are encouraged to renew.

    For commission questions, contact the Professional Development Department at or 608-222-1123.

    The Credential Commissions Grant - An Update

    Credential Commissions Grant Recap

    The Wisconsin Registry received a grant that covers the complete cost for Registry Credential students to commission who were not already supported by a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship or other grant funding. Funding for this grant has come to an end and was provided by the Department of Children and Families through the Preschool Development Grant (PDG). We are happy to announce that 79 Individuals used the grant to pay for their commission in April, May, and June this year!