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Registry membership gives you access to a number of professional development planning resources and tools and discounts. Continue reading for more information on how you can take advantage of your Registry membership!

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    Registry Certificate of Achievement

    The Registry Certificate lists important information including your Career Level, all regulated care positions qualified for, years of experience, and more. Registry certificates are accepted by Wisconsin state licensing specialists.

    Accessing My Registry Certificate of Achievement

    The Registry Certificate of Achievement is available electronically for all current members. You can view or download your certificate immediately after the Wisconsin Registry finishes processing your application.  
    You can access your Registry Certificate of Achievement with the following steps: 

    1. Log in to your Registry account.
    2. Click on the REPORTS tab at the top.
    3. Click on the Registry Certificate of Achievement report.
    Requesting a Printed Copy

    Current Wisconsin Registry members may contact the Wisconsin Registry to request a printed copy of their Registry Certificate of Achievement. Once a request is submitted, please allow 2 – 4 weeks for printing and shipping.

    PLEASE NOTE: Individuals who do not have a Registry membership or have an expired Registry membership cannot request a printed copy. Such requests will be denied. 

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    Did you know there is a Registry app available for free?

    Registry eID

    A Registry eID helps ensure that you receive immediate verification for the training events you attend. The eID lists your name, Registry ID number, and a QR code that allows trainers to quickly scan your card and accurately take attendance.

    Note:  Registry eIDs are not valid proof of current membership.

    Who Receives a Registry eID

    Anyone with a Registry account can download the Wisconsin Registry app for FREE!  The app give you access to your Registry eID whenever you want. Download the app for FREE and have your eID with you wherever you go: 


    Individuals with a Registry account may also download or print a .pdf version of their Registry eID at any time by logging in and accessing the Registry eID report on the Reports page.

    How can I use my Registry eID?

    Your Registry eID helps ensure that you accurately receive verification for training immediately. Here’s how it works:  

    1. Show your Registry eID to the trainer or event organizer. 
    2. Participating trainers or event organizers can scan your eID with a smart phone or mobile device and easily take attendance.  If a trainer is not able to scan your eID, your eID lists your name and Registry ID which will still help the trainer accurately record your attendance.
    3. Verification for attending the training event will appear on your Registry Learning Record. 

    PLEASE NOTE: In the past the Wisconsin Registry printed and mailed out physical Registry Cards. If you still have your physical Registry Card you can use it exactly like an eID. The Wisconsin Registry no longer prints new or replacement physical Registry Cards. 

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    Registry Reports... the Key to Your Professional Development

    Registry Reports

    In addition to the Registry Certificate of Achievement and Registry eID detailed above, current members have access to other important information in their Reports Tab. These additional reports include: 

    The Learning Record is a record of your reported employment history, verified education, and a training list of your most recent continuing education cycle. This report can serve like a resume or a transcript of your Registry Profile. Your Learning Record is also available to your director if you have your membership current, employment records up to date, and are connected to the correct Program Profile.  

    The Content Area Summary is a summary of all verified trainings by Core Content Area and Tier. You can review this summary when planning your Professional Development for the year to keep a good balance across all Core Content Areas.  

    The Training List is a list of your training including titles, dates, hours, levels, and sponsors. Sorted by Tier. Your Registry ID number will print on the footer of each page if you need to download and save or print for any reason. 

    Detailed Training List is a list of all training events including content hour details.  

    These reports are only available while an individual’s Registry membership is current. Keep in mind that processing time if 5-7 weeks. If an individual applies for renewal and their membership expires during those 5-7 weeks of processing, they will not be able to access their reports until their membership application is finalized. It is a good idea to download and save a copy of any reports someone may need, like a Learning Record and Training List, right before membership is set to expire. Registry Staff are unable to access an individual’s reports while they are expired. The Registry eID is the only report that is always available to an individual.  

    Use your Registry Membership to Save!

    Registry Members Receive Discounts!

    Robertson Ryan & Associates Insurance Discount

    The Wisconsin Registry has partnered with Robertson Ryan & Associates and West Bend Mutual Insurance to provide discounts to our current members for commercial and personal insurance. Along with this program, Robertson Ryan &
    Associates has a broad range of insurance solutions available for your insurance needs.  

    Current Registry members can receive up to 8% discount off their West Bend home and auto insurance and up to 5% off their West Bend commercial day care insurance.  Please call Dave Zauner at 414-270-6824 for more information or fill out the online form 

    Lakeshore Learning

    Save up to 5% on all merchandise from Lakeshore Learning! As a current Registry member, you are also entitled to free freight on all orders. For more information on how to use this discount, be sure to log in to your Registry account and access the Membership Benefits document with your discount code located on the Summary Page of your Personal Profile.

    Exchange Magazine

    As a Wisconsin Registry member, enjoy 50% off any digital membership from Exchange Press using code REGISTRY50. Exchange is committed to supporting early childhood professionals worldwide, and is a proud supporter of The Registry. Sign up for an Exchange membership here which will include access to Exchange articles, webinars, ExchangeEveryDay, store benefits, and more! This code is good through December 31, 2025. Contact or (800) 221-2864 if you have questions regarding your membership. Please note: once registered, please allow 1-2 business days to receive an email with instructions on accessing your store benefits.

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