Child Care Foundational Training

This page will provide information and resources regarding the upcoming changes to Child Care Foundational Training (CCFT) Courses. Find information on the approval process for Trainers and TSOs, information about upcoming Train-the-Trainer webinars and more!

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    In early 2022, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) created a workgroup to review the noncredit Child Care Foundational Trainings (CCFT) with a goal of ensuring the content was accurate, relevant, and represented a diverse, equitable, and inclusive lens. Within that review, it was determined that new updated Child Care Foundational Trainings would be offered statewide in 2024. With many of the current courses nearly 20 years old, DCF wants to ensure that:

    • They are providing individuals looking to enter the child care field with the most updated information. 
    • All individuals entering the field are receiving consistent, high-quality trainings with real-time feedback and discussion with instructors and peers. 

    DCF has provided a webpage with more information on the project timeline, as well as FAQs on CCFT.

    CCFT Approval Process for Trainers and TSOs

    There are also changes to the Trainer and Training Sponsor Organization (TSO) approval process for those interested in offering CCFT courses. These new approval processes are available now!

    Visit our new CCFT Training TSO and Instructor Approval Process document for more information!


    All Trainers interested in teaching the revised CCFTs will be required to go through the new Trainer approval process. New requirements for Trainers include: 

    • Working or contracting with a Wisconsin Registry approved CCFT TSO
    • Being an approved Tier 3 Trainer
    • Having two years of experience in an ECE program
    • Completing the specific CCFT Train-the-Trainer for the course you wish to offer
    • Signing a CCFT Trainer Agreement


    All Organizations interested in offering the revised CCFTs first need to have an active Program Profile in the Wisconsin Registry system. See the How Do I Create a Program Profile guide for step-by-step instructions on this process. Additional requirements for TSOs include: 

    • Signing an annual TSO agreement
    • Paying the annual fee
    • Signing the CCFT TSO Agreement
    • Having at least one Trainer approved to offer the CCFTs listed as an employee in your Program Profile
    We encourage TSOs to utilize our CCFT Organizational Approval guide for assistance on gaining approval to offer the CCFT courses!

    Featured Resources

    Navigating the LMS Video

    This short video that provides an overview of the Learning Management System. This video will showcase how to add courses and modules, managing a classroom, and several other features.

    Please note – While we encourage Trainers and TSOs to watch this video and learn about the new LMS, the information provided will be easier to understand after the Train the Trainer sessions coming up this spring. We recommend circling back to this video after attending those events. 

    CCFT Train-the-Trainer Informational Webinars

    DCF and the Wisconsin Registry will be hosting two CCFT Train-the-Trainer Information Webinars. These webinars serve as a pre-requisite to becoming an approved CCFT facilitator through a course-specific Train-the-Trainer event. 

    Current facilitators must attend one of two available webinar sessions to maintain their active trainer status. Tier 3 trainers interested in becoming an approved CCFT trainer may attend to learn more.

    The webinars will be held on the dates and times below. Click on either date below to learn more and for a registration link!