Credentials Overview

Registry Credentials combine cutting-edge learning with the latest in research and techniques. If you are looking to grow within the Early Childhood Care and After-School Education profession, consider taking a Registry Credential.

Want to learn more about Registry Credentials? Navigate this page to learn more about Registry Credentials and check out our Registry Credential Toolkit, designed to provide students who are interested in pursuing a Registry Credential an introduction to the Wisconsin Registry and an overview of the credentialing process!

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    Registry Credentials Overview

    Registry Credentials combine cutting-edge learning with the latest in research and techniques. These credit-based programs are focused on job specific skills so students can apply the practical knowledge they’ve learned to their current positions. The Registry Credentials are a steppingstone to advancement for any aspect of the early care and education field. Accredited technical colleges and universities located throughout state of Wisconsin offer credential coursework. Take the next step – advance your career today and register for credential classes!

    Each professional credential has the following common elements:

    • Is credit based (12-18 credits per credential) and taught by a professional educator through a Wisconsin institution of higher education.
    • Is a sequence of 4-6 specific courses, which build upon one another, requiring students to apply what they’ve learned in previous courses.
    • Culminates in a Capstone Course and the development of a final project or portfolio.
    • Concludes with a Registry Commission where the credential candidate demonstrates to a Registry Commissioner the new knowledge and skills they have learned.  Learn more about the Commission process. 
    • Is developed, approved, and awarded by the Wisconsin Registry.

    Note: The courses that are approved as meeting the guidelines of the credential and the statewide curriculum must have been taken since 2000.


    “The process has given me more knowledge and experience about how important Early Childhood Education is. It has opened my eyes to see why we need more teachers and learning to work with the children, to better our future.”

    - Credential Recipient

    Foundational Credentials

    “The Credential Experience made me realize how much I make a difference every day.”

    - Credential Recipient

    Administrative Credentials

    “The credential experience was OUTSTANDING for me. I feel I’ve improved significantly throughout, both professionally and personally.”

    - Credential Recipient

    Specialty Credentials

    Registry Credentials by the Numbers