There is a place for all Early Childhood and After-School Education professionals on the Wisconsin Registry. Find out how you can use your Registry Membership!

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    Membership Overview

    Becoming a member of the Wisconsin Registry is easy and an important part of professional development. There is a place for all Early Childhood and Afterschool Education professionals on the Wisconsin Registry. This includes family providers, employees in group centers, staff in school-age programs, personnel in support organizations, and others. 

    What to check before I become a Registry member:

    Before you start the Wisconsin Registry membership application, be sure to review the following:

    A Registry account gives you access to the Wisconsin Registry system. Creating an account is free.

    New to the Wisconsin Registry and don't have an account already?

    Learn more about the Wisconsin Registry and how to get started with a FREE Registry account.

    Though Registry membership is required for most positions (set by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families), there are still many benefits of being a current member including discounts and access to professional tools and resources.


    Download the list of Registry Membership Benefits.

    Registry membership is a hub for you to list your educational experiences. Be ready to list the names and dates of schools you attended and graduated and information about any certifications or credentials you have earned.


    Please Note: Sending documentation to the Wisconsin Registry is how you can verify the items listed on your membership application. For more information, please download the Acceptable Documentation Policy.

    The Wisconsin Registry is proud to recognize your experience in the field. Be ready to list your employment history including dates of employment, and positions held.


    Important Tip: If you work or have worked in a regulated child care facility, have your employer's Licensed Facility number or DCF Provider number ready.

    Membership and Membership Renewal Costs - General Registry Membership now FREE!
    Trainer Endorsement - one time fee

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    Technical Assistance Professional Endorsement - one time fee

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    Meeting Licensing and YoungStar Requirements

    Licensing Requirements

    A Registry Certificate of Achievement showing you are preliminarily qualified for the position you hold is required by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF). You must apply for a Registry Membership to receive a Registry Certificate of Achievement.  

    Regarding staff in a group center or school-age program, a certificate from the Wisconsin Registry documenting that the person has met preliminary qualifications for the position they hold is required to be on file if they have worked as a teacher, director, or administrator for at least 6 months. For more specifics on this rule and exceptions please read DCF 251.05(2)(a)4 in the DCF 251 Rule Book for Group Child Care Centers. For questions regarding these rules please contact the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families directly.  

    Regarding staff in a family child care program, a certificate from the Wisconsin Registry that indicates the person is preliminarily qualified for the position they hold within 6 months after becoming licensed or beginning to work with children in care. For more specifics on this rule please read DCF 250.05(2)e in the DCF 250 Rule Book for Family Child Care Centers. For questions regarding these rules please contact the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families directly.  

    YoungStar Requirement

    Individuals must have had at least one finalized Registry Membership application since 2009 and have a current employment record with the program’s Registry Program Profile to have their education and training count towards a program’s YoungStar rating.  

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    YoungStar is Wisconsin’s Quality Rating and Improvement system (QRIS) and is administered by DCF. It is designed to support early care and education programs in improving quality while also helping families find child care that meets their needs. YoungStar recognizes education as one of several indicators of quality and professional development as a tool to support professionals in implementing high-quality practices. 

    The Wisconsin Registry collaborates with YoungStar to support high-quality early care and education in Wisconsin by highlighting and providing recognition for the education and training of the professionals in the field. YoungStar education and training is verified through a program’s Registry Program Profile and electronically shared with DCF to help determine the program’s star rating.  

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    Learn More About the Membership Application

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Wisconsin Registry follows state licensing guidelines for position requirements as designated by the Department of Children and Families. More information on licensing rules and regulations can be found here. 

    In order to effectively manage member information, it is the policy of the Wisconsin Registry to purge documentation from accounts that have been inactive for seven years or more. 

    If documentation has been purged, the Wisconsin Registry will ask individuals to send official transcripts again at their next renewal. Official Transcripts must be sent directly to the Wisconsin Registry in an unopened, originally sealed envelope or by secure email from the institution of higher education. 

    This is also an opportunity to reevaluate transcripts to ensure that education is properly reflected on the Wisconsin Registry certificate and in alignment with the latest licensing guidelines. 

    Reprints of entry level postcards are available for a $15.00 fee per card. 

    Individuals who no longer have their postcards can also apply for a Wisconsin Registry membership. Entry level coursework will then be verified on a Registry certificate through a list of regulated care positions the member is qualified for. The Registry certificate is accepted by licensing specialists the same way as the postcards. 

    An application will change status as it is being processed. They are as follows: 

    • Applied - The member has completed the application process and the Wisconsin Registry is waiting for supporting documentation to arrive in our office. 
    • In Process - The Wisconsin Registry has received documentation for the membership application and Registry Specialists are in the process of reviewing the file. 
    • Incomplete - The Wisconsin Registry  is waiting for specific documentation in order to complete the application. Registry Specialists reviewing the file will notify the member by email and with a note on the account to indicate the missing items. 
    • Quality Assurance - Registry Specialists have finished the membership application and are doing a final review before the membership becomes current. 
    • Current - The membership application has been completed and the Registry Certificate of Achievement is available to view and download. Individual memberships are current for 12 months from the date that the application is submitted. 
    • Expired - The individual’s membership is no longer current. Individuals can renew their membership online through their membership account. 
    • Career Level CertificateA service provided by the WI Registry is our Registry Certificate of Achievement. This certificate reflects a Registry Career Level, preliminary position qualifications, work experience, and more.

      There is a place for all childhood and school-age care and education professionals on the WI Registry. This includes family providers, employees in group centers, staff in support organizations, and others. If you are a licensed family provider, center director, administrator or teacher in a center, you are required to join by HFS 46.05(1)(g) of the Wisconsin Administrative code. 
    • Registry Credentials - The Wisconsin Registry administers several credit-based, career-focused credentials which are offered by accredited colleges throughout the state. In addition to providing job specific training, credentials can help individuals advance on the Registry Career Levels. 
    • Professional Development Approval System (PDAS) - The WI Registry Professional Development Approval System ensures that high quality professional development opportunities are available statewide. Through PDAS, trainers’ education and experience are assessed and validated by awarding a trainer type. Additionally, training has been reviewed for content and awarded a tier type. 
    • Program Profile for YoungStar Participation - The Wisconsin Registry Program Profile collects information that highlights program strengths and helps identify areas for quality improvement. All sites participating in YoungStar must complete a Program Profile. Individuals must create a free Registry account to access a Program Profile. 

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