Quality training and technical consultation opportunities are vital to professionalizing Wisconsin’s Early Childhood Care and Afterschool Education workforce

Learn more about how the Wisconsin Registry is working with Trainers, Technical Assistance Professionals, and Training Sponsor Organizations to ensure our workforce has access to quality professional growth opportunities.

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    Professional Development Approval System

    The Professional Development Approval System (PDASystem) supports and promotes quality training and technical consultation opportunities, assures trainer and technical assistant professionals content knowledge, and embraces the commitment of sponsoring organizations. This approval system helps ensure all of Wisconsin’s Early Childhood Care and Afterschool Education workforce has access to quality professional development opportunities.

    Each training found on the Statewide Training Calendar is carefully reviewed and approved based on the following criteria to help ensure it is a quality training event:

    • Follows high quality, evidence-based practices in the field
    • Incorporates adult learning principles
    • Incorporates training curriculum that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Aligns with Wisconsin’s Core Competencies
    Trainers / Technical Assistance Professionals and Training Sponsor Organizations (TSOs)

    Being a Registry approved Trainer and/or Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) is a level of recognition for individuals providing training or technical assistance to the child care workforce and other direct care practitioners. Additionally, organizations can become approved as Training Sponsor Organizations (TSOs) to offer approved training events in the PDASystem.

    Benefits of the PDASystem
    • Through this system, all approved T-TAP are assessed by education and experience and then awarded an endorsement during the approval process. 
    • Approved training is reviewed for content. 
    • Approved Tier trainers are responsible for entering training event attendance directly into the Registry PDASystem to avoid fraud and alleviating the need for attendees to submit documentation to the Wisconsin Registry. 
    • Approved Tier training can lead to possible advancement on Registry Career Levels. 
    • Approved training can be advertised on the Statewide Training Calendar for providers to easily locate for their professional development needs. 
    • An approval system leads to a better educated work force and more consistent training on a statewide basis. 
    • Children and their families are the ultimate beneficiaries of having a system for approving Trainers, Technical Assistance Professionals, and training.

    The Wisconsin Registry’s Professional Development Approval System (PDASystem) was created in 2007 in collaboration with the Department of Children and Families, statewide agencies, organizations, and individuals. This approval system was developed to support and promote quality training and technical consultation opportunities and embrace the commitment of sponsoring organizations.

    Guiding principles and ethical obligations were identified through the creation of these components based on a review of national research and the experiences of 14 states that currently support a professional development approval system.

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